Benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring

There are incredible benefits to be gained after having a professionally installed concrete epoxy floor in your garage.

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Aesthetics and Defects

A professionally installed epoxy garage floor can transform any garage that was once falling apart. Epoxy garage floor installers ensure that your surface is penetrated by the resin and hardener epoxy mix properly and that the mixture spreads evenly. Epoxy floors are great assets in darker garages because they reflect light and naturally brighten them. You can have different colors, designs, and specialties added to your epoxy floor to further create a unique atmosphere in your garage space.


Epoxy floors are affordable because they are incredibly difficult to damage, and they last for decades with minimal maintenance. The material is hard and resistant to all types of damages that you could expose the surface too in your garage. Professional installation ensures that your epoxy garage floor does save you money and will last for decades after installation.


Adding an epoxy coating to the garage concrete surface in your home means you are creating a surface that is resistant too high foot-traffic, impact, vehicle fluids, oils, grease, shock, heat, and chemicals. Your concrete floor will not be damaged, and you will not have to spend hours every week cleaning the surface. Forget about cracks, stains, or water damages! Your garage epoxy floor is impervious too even the worst-case scenarios.

Easy to Maintain

Your garage floor will never and has never been easier to care for than it is right now! An epoxy surface floor covers brittle and sensitive concrete floors that would otherwise be susceptible to moisture, chemicals, and spillage. Being able to easily sweep, mop, or rinse off a liquid, dust, or debris is convenient and timesaving. An epoxy surface does not absorb debris or particles, leaving your floor easy to clean without scrubbing.

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Types of Garage Epoxy Floors

What can we design for you?

Garage Metallic Epoxy Floor

A metallic epoxy surface manipulates pigmentation, color, and lighting to create 3D images that can never be duplicated. A metallic epoxy floor is the most affordable decorative concrete option because it resists impact, scratching, cracking, discoloration, staining, and so much more. Metallic epoxy floors are an easy way to transform your garage into something out of this world.

Garage Flake Epoxy

Garage Flake Epoxy

When you add flakes to your epoxy garage floor you are increasing traction, creating a sense of seamlessness and uniformity, hiding any floor imperfections, and creating a slip-resistant floor throughout all environments. Flake floors are not common, therefore, if you want an easy way to decorate your garage floor adding flakes to the surface is an easy way!

Garage Epoxy Floor

In the end you don’t need to have any fun colors, designs, or texture variations if all you’re looking for is a standard garage floor. We can add an epoxy coating to your concrete surface where you will gain all of the benefits of a decorative floor without the designs. Epoxy garage floors can withstand heat, impact, and pressure regardless of the designs.

Hygiene Benefits of Epoxy Floors

If allergies are prevalent in your home, an epoxy garage floor is a great way to reduce those instances.
  • Does not allow mold/mildew to grow.
  • Repels bacterial infestations.
  • It is uninhabitable by bugs, mites, etc
  • Because epoxy does not allow debris and dirt to be absorbed into its pores it is much easier to clean and keep clean. All of these qualities reduce allergic reactions in the home and the garage.
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Different Places Where Epoxy Is Used

Epoxy floors are used across different industries because of their amazing antimicrobial qualities and unique design opportunities. Epoxy flooring is used in:
  • Industrial Settings
  • Warehouses
  • Packaging plants
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Libraries

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