Why Businesses are Making the

Switch to Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring infiltrated the residential scene over recent years and slowly crept its way out of the commercial world, where it got its start. Business owners started using more conventional flooring systems like tile, plain concrete, and even carpet.

Today, more and more businesses are making the switch to epoxy flooring. This versatile flooring system offers a myriad of benefits that business owners today can take advantage of.

So, why are modern business owners switching over to this durable concrete coating? Continue reading to find out!

The Long-term Investment Opportunity

One of the most significant reasons business owners are changing their floors over to epoxy is the long-term investment opportunity. Every epoxy floor installed in a commercial business is an investment that can substantially increase your concrete’s lifespan. Not only will epoxy make the concrete sub-floor much more robust and resistant, but it can also last for more than 20 years when properly maintained and cared for.

Not to mention, many businesses don’t have the time to shut down for extended times to make flooring repairs, recoat floors, or repolish floors. Therefore, investing in an epoxy floor will save businesses a lot of time and money over the years by avoiding these costly maintenance routines.

Fast Installation Time

Another aspect of epoxy flooring that benefits businesses significantly is the speed of installation. Epoxy flooring can be installed quite rapidly to minimize a business’s downtime. No company out there wants to close their doors for weeks at a time merely to have the flooring replaced.

The time spent with the business closed will cost the company money that can never be gained back. With a fast-setting epoxy floor, it can be ready for foot traffic within the hour after installation. For larger spaces, the floor can be applied in sections to keep the facility operational during the installation, which still shouldn’t take more than a few days.

Business owners can save thousands of dollars by avoiding an unnecessary shutdown with epoxy flooring’s quick install time.

Customization Options that Fit Any Company’s Needs

No matter if you need a flooring system that can make your warehouse floor more durable or if you need a floor that will impress your customers as they walk through the door, epoxy flooring can be designed to fit your commercial needs. This versatile floor coating can be customized with a broad array of colors, metallic pigments, multi-colored flakes, and patterns.

When you run a store that needs a little flair to get your customers excited, a dazzling metallic epoxy floor can be just the push your business needs. You can even have company logos installed to add a more personal touch to the floor. When you need a safer, stronger floor for a production floor, a flake epoxy floor can get the job done. These acrylic chips will add some skid-resistant traction to the floor, while the epoxy itself increases the durability, longevity, and chemical resistance of the concrete.

Aside from aesthetics, multiple colors can also be used with epoxy to designate walkways and restricted areas in your business. When you choose a high-gloss finish for your epoxy floor, this coating’s reflective nature will even make your space brighter! This can save you money in additional lighting and make your business safer with added visibility. No matter the company or the situation, epoxy flooring can be customized to suit any commercial need.

Summing Things Up

Business owners are seeing the fantastic benefits that modern-day epoxy floor coating can offer their companies. With the advantages of the long-term investment afforded by epoxy, its fast installation time, and the endless customization options that epoxy floors provide, it’s no surprise why so many businesses are adopting this flexible flooring system!